Alior Bank part­ners with Aphe­lion to rev­o­lu­tionize FX trading in Poland

Alior Bank has announced its i part­nering with Aphe­lion to improve its FX trading capa­bil­i­ties and as a result rev­o­lu­tionize the polish FX market.

After detailed analysis, Aphe­lion AB was chosen among many other com­peti­tors, as a sup­plier of com­pre­hen­sive FX trading solu­tion – Aphelion eFX. Aphelion eFX includes eFX, a cen­tral algo­rithmic trading system. It helps to aggre­gate liq­uidity from world largest banks and to trade on pooled liq­uidity. Open cur­rency posi­tions can be easily man­aged, as a result of imple­men­ta­tion of var­ious auto­mated hedging strate­gies. The eFX system is used to con­figure and manage FX rates that are sent to Alior Bank’s FX plat­forms. Alior Trader, Autodealing and Kantor Walu­towy are focused on retail clients. How­ever, Aphelion Trader Portal is a single bank portal ded­i­cated to most sophis­ti­cated cor­po­rate clients. Aphelion Trader Portal is a product fully devel­oped by Aphe­lion. Thanks to the fact that the Aphelion eFX server is hosted in London, it pro­vides ultralow latency of trade exe­cu­tion and excel­lent access to top banks liq­uidity. Solu­tions that are imple­mented by Alior Bank are unique for the polish market and they will help to achieve advan­tage in e-trading on the local market. Broad func­tion­ality of Alior Bank’s ser­vices gives oppor­tu­nity to become a market maker for other banks and multi bank portals.

“The eFX system makes the market trans­parent for our plat­forms’ users and gives them oppor­tu­nity to trade at the best price”, says Tomasz Wróblewski, head of finan­cial risk man­age­ment at Alior.

Peter Jorgne, CEO, Aphe­lion, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by Alior and wel­come them to our trading plat­form and inter­bank net­work”.

Alior Bank is already live with eFX for trading and pub­lishing prices to its existing trading por­tals (Autodealing and Kantor Walu­towy). The solu­tion for cor­po­rate clients will be launched in October.

About Alior Bank

In the world of banking Alior Bank is still a fresh brand. Con­ceived by Carlo Tas­sara Group in 2007, the brand was for­mally launched across Poland in October 2008 and was the largest startup in Euro­pean banking his­tory. At the moment Alior Bank has over 1,27 mil­lion clients, for whom it offers unique prod­ucts in the Polish mar­kets. Alior Bank is a national and uni­versal bank, ser­vicing all market segments.The bank’s offering is tar­geted at Cus­tomers, who are expecting a high quality of ser­vices, advice, and higher yields on their prod­ucts. The bank makes avail­able prod­ucts and ser­vices which were only offered to date to selected, the most affluent Cus­tomers, as well as prod­ucts which have not been avail­able to date on the market.