AIB part­ners with Aphelion

Aphe­lion has announced a part­ner­ship with Allied Irish Banks (AIB) to imple­ment their off-the-shelf, low latency trading plat­form across the bank’s global fran­chise. The trading plat­form gives AIB’s global FX teams access to deeper liq­uidity and improved pricing, deliv­ering more efficient execution of trades across AIB’s cus­tomer platforms. Henrik Dubajic, Head of Sales at Aphe­lion, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by AIB and wel­come them to our trading plat­form and inter­bank network”…


Spare­Bank 1 SMN of Norway partner with Aphelion

Aphe­lion has announced that Spare­Bank 1 SMN of Norway have chosen the Aphelion eFX plat­form to fur­ther strengthen their FX offering. Aphelion eFX is an end-to-end FX flow trading suite with a proven track record of increasing banks trading vol­umes just by adding speed and the most dynamic pricing flex­i­bility on the market. Aphelion eFX con­tain every­thing from aggre­ga­tion, auto hedging, algo­rithmic exe­cu­tion, price engine and rules engine to dis­tri­b­u­tion to the multi bank venues as well…


Henrik Dubajic has joined Aphe­lion as head of global sales

Henrik comes with a 19 year his­tory at the nordic bank SEB where he held dif­ferent roles within e-FX. Aphe­lion wel­comes Henrik as a key member of the team and he will work out of the Stock­holm and London offices. You can reach Henrik at:

Alior Bank part­ners with Aphe­lion to rev­o­lu­tionize FX trading in Poland

Alior Bank has announced its i part­nering with Aphe­lion to improve its FX trading capa­bil­i­ties and as a result rev­o­lu­tionize the polish FX market. After detailed analysis, Aphe­lion AB was chosen among many other com­peti­tors, as a sup­plier of com­pre­hen­sive FX trading solu­tion – Aphelion eFX. Aphelion eFX includes eFX, a cen­tral algo­rithmic trading system. It helps to aggre­gate liq­uidity from world largest banks and to trade on pooled liq­uidity. Open cur­rency posi­tions can be…


DZ BANK chose Aphelion eFX and Aphelion white­label portal

As pre­vi­ously announced German DZ BANK has chosen Aphelion eFX to create a new FX trading envi­ron­ment. Since March DZ BANK has been dis­trib­uting prices from the new envi­ron­ment to trading venue 360T. DZ BANK is now preparing to go live with the Aphelion white­label portal to its coop­er­a­tive banks. “Our objec­tive is to pro­vide a high stan­dard of cus­tomer ser­vice, for coop­er­a­tive banks and cor­po­rate clients, as well as insti­tu­tionals in the highly com­pet­i­tive…


Henrik Dubajic

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