Thousands of FX traders use Aphelion eFX from Aphelion every day. Aphelion eFX has replaced many of the eFX systems on the market but it has never been replaced by another platform.

Accuracy and speed – rule based FX trading

Our FX software offers access to a wide range of liquidity providers. We provide all the required eFX functionality a bank or institution needs to effectively meet modern cash investment requirements in order to grow business within FX trading.

Aphelion collaborates with all the major liquidity providers, including banks such as;

  • Barclays
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bank of America
  • Citi
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • HSBC
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Société Générale
  • UBS

Currently we have over 30 liquidity provider adapters, as well as adapters to your selected distribution channels, SDP (white label), FXall, 360T, Bloomberg and Currenex among others.

The one and only true end-to-end suite

Aphelion has built an FX technology software structure, Aphelion eFX, that supports the trading side of your FX business as well as the distribution side. Everything in Aphelion eFX, every piece of functionality, is built in the same tier-level in the architecture and each component is programmed with the purpose of being part of the whole solution.

Being true end-to-end, performance is not hampered by the fact that different systems are involved in getting a price out. Latency decreases when there is no need for external protocols and intersystem communication. There is simply no integration points that can lose information in Aphelion eFX. This gives our clients the millisecond advantage they need to gain higher hit-ratios and more volumes.

The Aphelion eFX platform

Key Features

  • Price Engine
  • Rules and Decision Engine
  • Margin Module
  • Credit Check System
  • Order Service
  • Limit Order Management
  • FX Reports, MIS and TCA
  • Audit Module

Liquidity Management

  • Aggregation
  • Auto Hedge
  • Smart order routing (SOR)
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Best Executable Price Algorithm
  • Internal crossing


  • White-Label Trader Portal (SDP)
  • Subsidiary Bank White Label Portal
  • Multibank connectivity
  • Retail portals connectivity
  • FIX distribution API
  • Connectivity to any 3rd party or in-house portal

Key distinguishers

The results for our Aphelion eFX-customers have been immediate:

  • Low latency roundtrip means you will be on-market as opposed to off-market when pricing your clients via your branded single bank portal or any of the multibank portals
  • Faster and accurate pricing leads to higher and more profitable volumes
  • Lower rejection rate on the Interbank market

We have customers pricing into 360T, FXall and Bloomberg that have gone from First-to-Respond-Ratios (FRR) between 9-14 percent to reach over 90 percent when switching to Quasar eFX. The combination of getting a more accurate and tighter price, faster out to the end-customers, has had a major effect on these clients hit-ratios on the multibank platforms.

Flexible solution with competitive Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)

Besides performance, having an end-to-end suite also give our clients a stable and contained environment as well as high flexibility when it comes to adapting new requirements and new functionality to the system.

Another benefit of having an end-to-end suite is the resources required when the platform is being deployed differs very much from most of our competitors.

Many of them have teams of developers and consultants involved with building and integrating different parts to form the structure. As Aphelion eFX has everything in one solution, a minimum set of resources is required on both the client side as well as on the Aphelion side when the platform is being implemented, as it is a true plug-in-solution. In addition, there will be no future integration costs since new requirements will be developed within the existing architecture. This makes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Aphelion eFX very competitive.

Quality hosting

Aphelion hosts the infrastructure in Equinix NY4, LD4/5 and TY3 to which we connect the required liquidity providers and selected distribution channels, branded SDP, FXall, 360T, Bloomberg, Currenex, etc.

Aphelion eFX complies with the following regulatory frameworks:

  • Dodd Frank and Volcker Rule
  • EMIR
  • ESMA (Norway)
  • MiFID II

Aphelion is ISAE 3402 and SSAE16 Type II certified as of March 2015.