The white label trader portal offers aggregated liquidity from over 30 LP’s and ECN’s. It is an application that is ready to use out-of-the-box, requiring no install for end-users.

New white label trader portal just launched

The White Label Trader Portal is a web application without any install and is based on Aphelion eFX platform. The trader portal shares the real-time streaming rates and uses the fully transparent pricing model of Aphelion eFX. It has the look and feel of an application, with drag and drop functionality etc. The trader portal establishes a direct customer relationship between institution and end-users and can be branded with our client’s own logo, brand colours and graphics.

Subsidiary Bank White Label portal

The Subsidiary White Label Portal is a two-layer set up where the main bank in a group can enable subsidiary banks to deploy their own White Label offering. All deals done by end-users are automatically back-to-backed with the main bank of the group.

Aphelion eFX aggregator


Trader Portal functionality

FX Spot
FX Forward
FX Swap
FX Block

  • Non Deliverable Forwards (NDF’s)
  • Prescious Metals (PM)
  • Time Options/Window Forwards
  • Money Market Deposits (MM)
  • Limit Orders configurable on individual customer basis

Pre-define margins, spreads and skews

The Aphelion eFX Rules and Decision Engine as well as the Margin Module are key distinguishers of the Aphelion technology.

The Rules and Decision Engine has been taken out of the code and is instead made available on your desktop. The great benefit of this is that the need for new coding with accompanying releases (on the back of new requirements) is greatly reduced as you can elaborate new strategies without new code plus releases. This makes working with new strategies very dynamic and flexible.

What should be auto priced and what should not, how it should be auto priced, how different RFQ’s should be handled etc.

Skews, maximum latency loss, speed bumps, pricing reflecting different market conditions etc. The possibilities to configure the system are many and any scripted market indicator can be included in the rule definition, e.g. EUR/USD volatility. And all this is handled by trading and sales staff with no need for support from neither Aphelion nor from within your own organisation.

The Rules and Decision Engine can manage any market indicator you wish to insert. Below you find some of the variables most frequently used today.

Define your preferred rules

  • Ccy
  • Ccy pair
  • Cpty
  • Cpty group
  • Request type
  • Product type
  • Side – Buy/Sell
  • Deal type – SP, FWD, SW, NDF, etc
  • Stage
  • Tenor
  • Channel – SDP, FXall, Bloomberg, 360T, etc
  • Day
  • Month
  • Day of month
  • Day of week
  • Time of the day
  • Protocol – RFQ, RFS, MSB
  • Stage – Quote request, Deal request
  • Amount
  • Risk amount
  • FWD amount
  • Volatility

Flexible pricing and hedging

Customized buttons can be linked to specific rules or a set of rules. When a button is activated, the linked rule or set of rules is activated. As mentioned above, any market indicator can be used to create custom instruments which is then tied to a rule/set of rules. I.e, you create and customize the business logic behind the buttons.

Using this functionality you can have one pre-set spread and margin-setup for normal markets, a second setup for volatile markets, etc.

The Rules and Decision engine also supports the aggregation services of the platform. Pricing and hedging in an aggregator needs to be flexible enough so that the system can help you honor the agreements you make with the liquidity providers when negotiating pricing. As an example, if you agree with a liquidity provider to always give them full amount for a certain currency pair, or when the deals spawn from certain kinds of customers, you must be able to create those kind of business rules in the system – with Aphelion eFX you can.

The sophisticated Margin module

The Margin module is also very sophisticated and diversifiable. As an ever increasing portion of the FX volumes come in through different e-channels, it is very important for Sales as well as for Trading to be able to express very specific spreads and margins for different customers or groups of customers under different market conditions.

Rich and flexible toolset

All this enables you to price your end-customers very flexible without manual intervention. All in all, the trading desk might set up a few categories to use for different customer groups and for different market conditions, the sales desk might use a few more for their different customer segments. The majority of your end-customers will fit into this structure. But to be able to handle those customers that for various reasons need to be treated in smaller groups or even individually, Aphelion eFX offers you a rich and flexible tool set.